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Do we really need Agility?

  • The 4 phases of software development: Predictive vs. Vs. Adaptive Methods
  • Key variables for the success of the project
  • The contribution of Agility

Agile methods

  • Principles of agile methods
  • Different implementation, common principles
  • Scrum method

The main roles in an Agile Scrum project

  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Team

The Product Owner: Role and Responsibilities

  • Who can be Product Owner?
  • Alternative organizations: several POs, PO Proxy: is it a good idea?
  • Cross-responsibilities with ScrumMaster, end users, management

The formalization of the need and the vision produced

  • Understanding and gathering the need from stakeholders
  • Negotiation to estimate the Business Value
  • Writing User Stories
  • Formalization of the acceptance criteria
  • Transmission of the vision produced to the production team

Product Backlog Management

  • Establishment of the initial Backlog
  • Prioritization oriented by the business value
  • Life Cycle of a Product Backlog Story
  • The Sprint Backlog

Estimation and planning

  • Estimation of a story
  • Backlog estimation
  • Project Planning: Sprints and Releases
  • Continuous adjustment

Tests, Validation, Acceptance

  • The different types of test
  • Involvement of the PO in the recipe: when and how?
  • Validation of a feature
  • Collection of feedback from other stakeholders