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Know how to set up and configure Git

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Version control

  • Why versioning its source code?
  • The basic concepts of version control

DVCS principles

  • What does decentralization bring?
  • Principle of operation
  • Branch, deposit, merge, rebase and all DVCS concepts

Presentation of Git

  • A little history
  • The operation of Git
  • Git objects: blob, tree, commit and tag
  • The index or staging area

Set up and configuration

  • Installation
  • Configuration

Day-to-day use

  • Create / clone a deposit
  • View the status of the working tree
  • View changes
  • Save Changes
  • Browse Revision History
  • Find the author of a modification

Deposit and branch management

  • Create a branch
  • Pass from branch to branch with merges or rebase
  • Update a deposit
  • Export your deposit
  • Remote repositories

Tools around Git

  • Git-gui and TortoiseGit to graphically navigate
  • Gitweb, web interface for Git
  • GitHub, THE Git collaboration platform
  • Gerrit to handle code re-reads