Practical informations


The number of trainees being limited for educational reasons, it is recommended that you pre-register early enough.

Registration requests are available from the trainings pages or by contacting one of our training center.

Upon receiving your registration request, we will get in touch with you.

In order to confirm your registration, you will just have to send us − scanned by e-mail or by fax − the Zenika registration form as well as the purchase order (if it is necessary for your company’s billing).

We will send you a summons by e-mail around ten days before the session’s beginning reminding you about the dates, schedule and venue of the training.

Our bills act as a simplified training convention. If you wish to get a detailed training convention, please ask when registering.

Training planning

  • 7 hours of effective training per day
  • a pause in the morning and in the afternoon
  • a time for catering at noon

Training as inter-companies

Breakfast and lunch included in the price
  • Welcoming breakfast at 9am
  • Beginning of the training at 9.30am
  • 12am Lunch break 1pm
  • End of the training 5.30pm

Training as intra-company

  • Possibility of using our office
    Renting fees to be added
  • Lunch option for 18€ (excl. taxes) / meal when the training takes place in our office