Web training

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  • Overview of the JavaScript ecosystem
  • NodeJS and NPM fundamentals
  • ES6 Primer


  • JavaScript Transpiler
  • Bundlers
  • Webpack
  • create-react-app


  • A brief history of React
  • Core concepts behind React
  • React under the hood: Virtual DOM, reconciliation
  • Packaging: Addons, react-tools, JSXTransformer, React Developer Tools

Rendering React components

  • First React component
  • Work with React.createElement
  • DOM rendering
  • JSX expressions
  • Lab: Creating your first application using React components

React component states

  • Internal state of a component (React State)
  • Read state and set state
  • Pass data to component using props
  • Validating props using propTypes
  • Lab: Creating application to read state, set state and pass data to component

Lifecycle of React components

  • Main stages of the component life cycle (i.e. Mounting a Component)
  • General methods in each stage of the component life cycle
  • Error handling method in component life cycle


  • Test runner
  • Test Driven Development
  • Test a function
  • Create Mock Functions
  • Test a React component
  • Lab: Creating the application unit tests with Jest


  • The unidirectional workflow
  • Flux pattern
  • The main components of Redux
  • Redux in the React context
  • Lab: Implementation of Redux store and unit tests

REST architecture

  • Introduction to REST Architecture
  • React & REST Architecture
  • Redux - redux-thunk
  • Interactions between a React application and a REST Server
  • Lab: Creating REST API to retrieve data


  • The react-router package
  • Nested routes
  • React Router props
  • Link components
  • URL handling
  • Lab: Implementation of Single-Page Application with React-router


  • Validation of a React form
  • Redux­-form
  • Lab: Creation and validation of a Redux-form with React and unit tests


  • Reducing reconciliations with shouldComponentUpdate
  • Using PureComponent
  • Performance measurement addon
  • Lab: Analysing and improving application performance with Chrome Dev tools


  • Single Page Application
  • Isomorphic React
  • Isomorphic and data
  • Isomorphic and redux

Go further

  • Lodash
  • Internationalisation with react-intl
  • React-native