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Using GraphQL for your next APIs

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  • The limitations of REST APIs
  • GraphQL versus REST API
  • General presentation

Requests and transfer

  • Syntaxes: fields, arguments
  • Metadata
  • Aliases
  • Fragments
  • Guidelines: @include and @skip
  • Mutation
  • Introspection


  • The Query type
  • Objects and typing
  • Scalar types
  • Interfaces
  • Enum and Union
  • The type Mutation

Client-side GraphQL with Apollo Client

  • Using the Apollo Client library in JavaScript
  • Integration into the framework of your choice: Angular, React ...

Server-side GraphQL with Apollo Server

  • Root Type
  • Resolver
  • Versioning
  • Example of integration with NodeJS and Express
  • Using GraphQL with an Existing REST API
  • Using GraphQL with multiple databases
  • Good practices


  • Apollo Client Developer Tools