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Domain Driven Design

Business Domain Oriented Design

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From technology-centric design to craft-centric design

  • Business and modeling domain
  • Design issues: the usual suspects, causes and consequences
  • The essential proposals of the DDD
  • Presentation of the red thread: the room reservation application

Business concepts at the heart of the design: Tactical DDD bricks

  • Put the technical debt under control by using the simple bricks of DDD: Value Objects and Entities
  • Clearly mark the business code of interaction frameworks (web, ..) with Application Services
  • Avoid duplication and dispersion of business logic with Domain Services
  • Avoid pollution of business code by persistence and infrastructure issues with Repositories and Infrastructure Services

Master the complexity: the advanced tactical DDD

  • Know the definition and implications of Transactional Consistency and Eventual Consistency
  • To master the complexity induced by the complex graphs of associations between objects, with the Aggregates
  • Cut the software into Business Modules
  • Separate concerns with Domain Events
  • Analysis Patterns: reusable domain models

Integrate software and teams: the Strategic DDD

  • The Hexagonal Architecture: the Domain Model as the core of the software
  • Upstream and downstream teams: Context Mapping patterns
  • Implement: Integration Styles

Overview: DDD and architecture

  • CQRS and Event Sourcing
  • DDD and NoSQL
  • DDD and Microservices
  • DDD and REST