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Why this course?

  • 70% of the course will be focused on practising key exercises in Design Sprint,
  • 30% will be on theory


  • Learn the origins and purpose of the Design Sprint approach
  • What sort of problems can a Design Sprint solve?
  • Discover the key roles and team composition
  • How to prepare and manage the logistics of a Design Sprint

Learn and practice the 5 phases of Design Sprint:

  • Understand: Explore business problems collaboratively and specify a target area to work on
  • Sketch: Brainstorm and find solutions to answer the problem.
  • Decide: Decide and converge on a solution as a team
  • Prototype: Build the idea into a prototype
  • Test: Validate the solution through user testing.

Upon completion : You should be able to start running Design Sprint in your team/organization and obtain visible results in a short time.