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Kafka : Confluent Administration

Build, Manage and Monitor Kafka clusters

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The Motivation for Apache Kafka

  • Systems Complexity
  • Real-Time Processing is Becoming Prevalent
  • Kafka: A Stream Data Platform

Kafka Fundamentals

  • An Overview of Kafka
  • Kafka Producers
  • Kafka Brokers
  • Kafka Consumers
  • Kafka’s Use of ZooKeeper
  • Comparisons with Traditional Message Queues

Providing Durability

  • Basic Replication Concepts
  • Durability Through Intra-Cluster


  • Writing Data to Kafka Reliably
  • Broker Shutdown and Failures
  • Exactly Once Semantics (EOS)
  • Controllers in the Cluster
  • The Kafka Log Files

Managing a Kafka Cluster

  • Installing and Running Kafka
  • Monitoring Kafka
  • Basic Cluster Management
  • Log Retention and Compaction
  • An Elastic Cluster

Optimizing Kafka Performance

  • Batching for Performance
  • Producer Performance
  • Broker Performance
  • Broker Failures and Recovery Time
  • Load Balancing Consumption
  • Consumption Performance
  • Performance Testing

Kafka Security

  • SSL for Encryption and Authentication
  • SASL for Authentication
  • Securing ZooKeeper and the REST Proxy
  • Migration to a Secure Cluster

Integrating Systems with Kafka

  • Offset Management

Designing for High

Availability Connect

  • Motivation for Kafka Connect
  • Kafka Reference Architecture
  • Types of Connectors
  • Brokers
  • Kafka Connect Implementation
  • ZooKeeper
  • Standalone and Distributed Modes
  • Connect
  • Configuring the Connectors
  • Schema Registry
  • REST Proxy
  • Comparison with Other Systems
  • Multiple Data Centers