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Building Kafka Solutions

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The Motivation for Apache Kafka

  • Systems Complexity
  • Real-Time Processing is Becoming Prevalent
  • Kafka: A Stream Data Platform

Kafka Fundamentals

  • An Overview of Kafka
  • Kafka Producers
  • Kafka Brokers
  • Kafka Consumers
  • Kafka’s Use of ZooKeeper
  • Kafka Efficiency

Kafka’s Architecture

  • Kafka’s Log Files
  • Replicas for Reliability
  • Kafka’s Write Path
  • Kafka’s Read Path
  • Partitions and Consumer Groups for Scalability

Developing With Kafka

  • Programmatically Accessing Kafka
  • Writing a Producer in Java
  • Using the REST API to Write a Producer
  • Writing a Consumer in Java
  • Using the REST API to Write a Consumer

More Advanced Kafka Development

  • Enabling Exactly Once Sematics (EOS)
  • Specifying Offsets
  • Consumer Rebalancing
  • Manually Committing Offsets
  • Partitioning Data
  • Message Durability

Schema Management in Kafka

  • An Introduction to Avro
  • Avro Schemas
  • Using the Schema Registry

Kafka Connect for Data Movement

  • The Motivation for Kafka Connect
  • Kafka Connect Basics
  • Modes of Working: Standalone and Distributed
  • Configuring Distributed Mode
  • Tracking Offsets
  • Connector Configuration
  • Comparing Kafka Connect with Other Options

Basic Kafka Installation and Administration

  • Administering Kafka
  • Log Management
  • Determining How Many Partitions to Specify
  • Kafka Security

Kafka Stream Processing

• The Motivation for Kafka Streams • Kafka Streams Fundamentals • Investigating a Kafka Streams Application • KSQL for Apache Kafka • Writing KSQL Queries