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Design and write a clean code, improve an existing code

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The introduction of agile methods has made it easier to build software that meets real needs, and to improve the delivery process. The clean code is a complementary set of technical practices, to ensure the durability of the software built.

A clean code is indeed the sine qua non of a robust software (low maintenance cost) and scalable (can be adapted to new needs).


  • Deepen object-oriented programming principles to write state-of-the-art code
  • Realize and put into practice these principles with simple and striking examples
  • Put under control the technical debt by refactoring
  • Learn techniques specific to legacy applications
  • Acquire a synthetic vision of the most used clean design methods


50% theory, 50% practise


  • Experience in Java

Target audience

  • Developers
  • Architects

Financing in France

  • May be financed through OPCO (if financing covers all of the cost of the training)
  • Cannot be financed through the CPF

Training as inter-companies

Breakfast and lunch included in the price
  • Welcoming breakfast at 9am
  • Beginning of the training at 9.30am
  • 12am Lunch break 1pm
  • End of the training 5.30pm


50% theory, 50% practise