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Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur la concurrence sans oser le demander

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The "Extreme Java - Concurrency Performance for Java 8" course is the most intense learning experience you will ever get. It is aimed at the busy Java professional who would like to learn essential information about core Java topics. Each of the sections has been thoroughly researched by the author, Dr Heinz Kabutz, famous in 135 countries for his invention of "The Java Specialists' Newsletter".

Throughout the course we use the new Java 8 syntax for lambdas and streams, in order to make the code more readable.

Not only will you learn about threading, performance, compare-and-swap non-blocking constructs, garbage collectors and so many other topics that you can apply in your work, but at the same time you will get familiar with Java 8. In addition, we also cover all the relevant constructs that we find in Java 8, such as StampedLock, LongAdder, parallel streams and many others.

In our outline below, we show you all that we will cover during our training. You will get an opportunity to try out what you learn with carefully thought out exercises. These will help you to really understand what is going on.


  • Learn how to truly understand Java concurrency


40% théorie, 60% pratique


  • Preferably a formal qualification in computer science or related field
  • At least two years of professional Java programming


  • Développeur

Financement en France

  • Eligible au financement via OPCO (si la prise en charge couvre la totalité du coût de la formation)
  • Non éligible au financement via CPF


40% théorie, 60% pratique