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This two­ day course, created by Dean Wampler, Ph.D., is designed to teach developers how to implement data processing pipelines and analytics using Apache Spark . Developers will use hands on exercises to learn the Spark Core, SQL/DataFrame, Streaming, and MLlib (machine learning) APIs. Developers will also learn about Spark internals and tips for improving application performance.

Additional coverage includes integration with Mesos, Hadoop, and Reactive frameworks like Akka.


  • Understand how to use the Spark Scala APIs to implement various data analytics algorithms for offline (batch­mode) and event­streaming applications
  • Understand Spark internals
  • Understand Spark performance considerations
  • Understand how to test and deploy Spark applications
  • Understand the basics of integrating Spark with Mesos, Hadoop, and Akka


50% théorie, 50% pratique


  • Experience with Scala, such as completion of Fast Track to Scala course
  • Experience with SQL, machine learning, and other Big Data tools will be helpful, but not required.


  • Developers wishing to learn how to write data­centric applications using Spark.

Financement en France

  • Eligible au financement via OPCO (si la prise en charge couvre la totalité du coût de la formation)
  • Non éligible au financement via CPF


50% théorie, 50% pratique