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Learn and develop in Typescript

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Typescript is a programming language created by Microsoft. This new language allows you to use features that are not yet available in JavaScript. Thanks to Microsoft, we will be able to create applications of better quality, and more quickly.

Typescript is the language used for the development of the new version of the AngularJS framework. Although this new version will not force developers to use it for their own applications, it is important to know the basics in order to understand how version 2 of this popular web framework works.


  • Learn the basics of language (types, classes, interfaces, mixins, ...)
  • Know how to write applications in Typescript
  • Getting started with the different tools available
  • Know how to use external libraries


30% theory, 70% practise


  • JavaScript or equivalent knowledge is required

Target audience

  • Web developer


30% theory, 70% practise