Web training

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Introduction to Web Services

  • What is a (Web) Service?
  • Distributed architectures
  • Granularity of services: reuse and interoperability
  • Principles of design: contract, conventions, loose coupling ...
  • Web Services and ROA (Resources Oriented Architecture)

The fundamental concepts of REST architecture

  • What is a resource, a URI?
  • Objectives of this architecture
  • REST Features
  • REST and / or RESTFul?

REST, the return to the sources of the Web

  • Reminder on the HTTP protocol
  • The operations
  • The settings
  • The answer codes
  • Data (XML, JSON, other MIME types)

Java and REST

  • Overview of the Java / Web Services offer
  • JAX-RS, the JSR 311
  • Jersey, the reference implementation
  • Implementation of JAX-RS
  • Headers, cookies
  • The JAX-RS context

XML / XSD: Reminders

  • XML / XSD: pivot of Web Services
  • XML: universal language
  • XSD: describe a document
  • Namespaces and types
  • Java and XML

RESTful advanced

  • The HATEOAS principle
  • Glory of REST
  • Caching
  • Management of cache headers
  • Competition access to resources
  • Secure a REST service
  • CORS principle and implementation
  • Auto API documentation


  • Use case of REST and SOAP WS- *
  • What solution (s) to choose?
  • Advantages disadvantages