DevOps training

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Serverless with GCP

Develop and deploy Serverless applications on Google Cloud Platform

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Cloud Computing concepts

What is Cloud Computing ?

the new models *aaS

"Cloud-Native" Applications

  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Cloud Patterns ("12-factor app")
  • Deployment models

The Google Cloud Platform ecosystem

  • The compute services
  • The storage services
  • Create your first GCP project

Serverless on the PaaS "App Engine"

  • Environment details
  • Configure your application
  • Deploy your application
  • Be effective with the Google App Engine Dashboard

Serverless on the FaaS "Cloud Function"

  • Environment details and constraints
  • Write and test your functions
  • Deploy and execute your functions
  • Be effective with the Cloud Functions Dashboard

Getting started with Cloud Run

  • Create your Docker image
  • Deploy your container
  • Be effective with the Cloud Run Dashboard

Monitoring & Pricing

  • Monitor your application
  • Understand the pricing and the quotas