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Serverless with GCP

Develop and deploy Serverless applications on Google Cloud Platform

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In order to understand how Serverless applications are working and get benefits from it, you have to learn the basics of deployment and management on GCP.

During this training, you will learn the basics of Serverless computing such as scaling from zero, hosting constraints, configuration management and you will be introduced to different serverless products like Google App Engine, Cloud Functions and Cloud Run.

The training aims at being productive as a Cloud Developer using Serverless tools to scale easily with a smaller amount of infrastructure operation.


  • Understanding the Cloud Computing models (IaaS, CaaS, PaaS, FaaS)
  • Understanding Cloud-Native key principles
  • Discovering the Google Cloud Platform ecosystem
  • Deploying a Serverless application on Google App Engine
  • Developping Cloud Functions
  • Mastering the data layer
  • Using the GCP provided development tools
  • Monitoring and logging your applications


40% theory, 60% practise


Basic knowledge of the followings:

  • Application Development
  • Data modeling and storing

Target audience

  • Developers
  • Tech Lead & DevOps
  • Solution and technical architects
  • Operators

Financing in France

  • May be financed through OPCO (if financing covers all of the cost of the training)
  • Cannot be financed through the CPF

Training as inter-companies

Trainings can be held on-site or remotely
  • Training course starts at 9.30am
  • Lunch break from 12am to 1pm
  • Training course ends at 5.30pm


40% theory, 60% practise