Big Data & Data Science training

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1. Definition of data science

  • Who is the Data Scientist?
  • Understand your work, step by step
  • Learn to identify your key skills
  • The tools of the data scientist
  • When do you need him?

2. Identify the challenges of data science

  • Understand consumer behavior to predict
  • Increase online sales
  • Measure the impact of an advertising campaign
  • Optimize transport

3. The benefits of a data driven approach

  • Data science at the service of decision makers
  • What ROI for an investment in data?
  • Success stories or the data by the numbers

4. Data Science and Business Strategy

  • To know how to speak data science to digitize the spirit of the company
  • Use Data Visualization to Integrate Data Science Everyday
  • Create an effective team
  • Accept creative ideas
  • Know the good and bad practices

5. The future of data science

  • Towards a specialized data science
  • The evolution of the data scientist