Big Data & Data Science training

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Python for data analysis

  • Tools to code in Python (Anaconda, Jupyter)
  • Data science ecosystem presentation
  • Reminder of the basics of the language

Python and data

  • The arrays with Numpy
  • Structured data with Pandas
  • Read/write data
  • Data operations
  • Statistics
  • Preparation/cleaning data for machine learning

Data visualization with Python

  • Building graphics with Matplotlib
  • Advanced graphics with Seaborn
  • Interactive graphics with Bokeh

Other tools

  • Extract web data with BeautifulSoup
  • Text analysis, text mining with NLTK

Introduction to the learning machine

  • Preparation of data
  • Supervised/unsupervised learning with Scikit-Learn
  • Deep learning with Tensorflow/Keras

Introduction to big data processing

  • Using Spark with pyspark
  • Machine learning with