Big Data & Data Science training

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  • Origin of Big Data
  • Areas of application
  • Success stories

A Big Data Project

  • Attention, it's not just a technical problem
  • Let's create our first big data application
  • Let's understand the different key steps
    • Acquisition
    • Cleaning
    • Consolidation
    • Aggregation
    • Storage
    • Analysis
    • Extraction
    • Publication

Storing the data

  • the different storage tools
  • The NoSQL revolution, the different families


Data management

  • Definition of a data
  • Data processing in batch mode (Hadoop and spark)
  • Streaming, kafka and flink
  • The Datalake
    • The stakes and the different zones
    • Storage formats
    • Lambda and kappa architecture

Big Data in the company

  • Malfunctions
  • The failure of exploratory approaches
  • Governance and security
  • Successfully adopt the datalake