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  • What is Scala language?
  • The origins of language?
  • Why choose this language?

First step with Scala

  • The syntax
  • REPL

Basics of the object approach

  • Creating and using classes
  • Attributes and methods
  • Singleton with object
  • The classes classes


  • Eco-system of test libraries in Scala
  • Introduction to BDD
  • ScalaTest

Collection and functional programming

  • Overview and use of the Collections API in Scala
  • Immutability, persistent data structure and structural sharing
  • Higher order functions and functions

Loop for and for expressions

  • Difference between the for loop and for expressions
  • Composition of higher order functions

Inheritance and trait

  • Scala type system
  • Mix-in features
  • Linearization

Pattern matching

  • Usage and benefits
  • Exception handling
  • Decomposition of tuples

Work with the Opion type

  • Introduction to the type Option
  • Usage and benefits

Manage errors

  • Introduction to Try type
  • Usage and benefits