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Learn how to truly master the Java Programming Language

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The Intensive Training for Java Specialists is developed and facilitated by Heinz Kabutz, recognized Java Champion and author of the newsletter The Java Specialists. It incorporates (licensed) educational elements provided by

"This training concentrates all my Java expertise and experience gained from publishing more than 200 specialized articles, running hundreds of seminars, and of course writing hundreds of thousands of lines of Java code." Heinz Kabutz author of the newsletter "The Java Specialists"

During the 2 days of the training, we will study more than 1000 slides covering the most advanced topics. At the end of each section, practical exercises will put the concepts studied into practice. Even the most experienced Java programmer will find a certain challenge!

This course is for any professional Java programmer with at least 3 years of experience who would really like to master the Java language.

The "Extreme Java - Advanced Topics" course is written by Dr. Heinz Kabutz, author of The Java Specialists' Newsletter. It also includes (licensed) content produced by It is based on the best-selling Java Specialist Master Course training.


  • Learn advanced techniques to write Java code
  • Understand the NIO API
  • Understand the intricacies of memory management in Java, and how to diagnose memory problems
  • Know the possibilities of the reflection API
  • Which data structures are most appropriate for your application
  • How to better manage exceptions


50% theory, 50% practise


  • Professional Java Programmer with at least 3 years of experience

Target audience

  • Architect confirmed developer

Financing in France

  • May be financed through OPCO (if financing covers all of the cost of the training)
  • Cannot be financed through the CPF


50% theory, 50% practise