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Logo Official Docker: CN210 - Docker Enterprise Operations

Official Docker: CN210 - Docker Enterprise Operations

Explore all the operations features of the Docker Enterprise Platform

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  • Introduction to Docker Enterprise
    • Docker Enterprise architecture
  • Universal Control Plane (UCP)
    • Networking & System requirements
    • PKI, client bundle and API authentication
    • Installing UCP
    • UCP high availability
  • User management & access control
    • UCP RBAC system
    • Swarm resource collections
    • Swarm and Kubernetes access control comparison
  • UCP Orchestration
    • Orchestrator architecture
    • Swarm and Kubernetes networking and architecture comparison
    • Application deployment on UCP
  • Container network operations
    • Routing and service discovery for stateful and stateless applications on Swarm and Kubernetes
    • Ingress vs. cluster internal routing
    • L7 routing featuring sticky sessions and path based routing in Swarm and Kubernetes
    • Introduction to Istio service mesh
    • Canary and Blue-Green deployment patterns in UCP
  • Logging
    • Engine log management
    • UCP audit logging
    • Log aggregation and management
  • Platform security
    • Options for improving host-level container security
    • Kubernetes admission controllers and pod security policies
    • Container network encryption
    • Kubernetes network policies
  • Docker Trusted Registry (DTR)
    • DTR architecture
    • Installing DTR
    • DTR high availability
  • DTR organizations and teams
  • Content Trust
    • Man-in-the-middle mitigation per the Update Framework
    • Setting up content trust keys
    • Signing images with content trust
  • Image Security Scanning
    • Security scanning setup
    • Interpreting and filtering scanner results
  • Repository automation
    • Image promotion
    • Image mirroring
    • Webhooks
  • Image Management
    • Tag pruning and garbage collection
    • DTR sizing for development and production clusters
    • DTR content caching