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Docker for developers relying on UCP and DTR

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  • Distributed application architecture
    • Issues, points of attention and patterns
  • Develop applications based on Docker
    • Docker and application source code
    • Debugging with Docker
    • Use Compose for multi-component applications
    • Docker as test facilitator
    • Discovery of Services
    • HealthChecks
    • Defensive programming
    • Log management and error handling
    • Building an image in several stages
    • Docker Swarm and Routing Mesh
    • Secrets Management
    • Management of the configuration of the applications
  • Development Pipeline Overview
  • Docker Datacenter and Universal Control Plane
    • Introduction
    • Http Routing Mesh
  • Docker Trusted Registry
    • Introduction
    • Content Trust
    • Image audit
    • Automating the creation of images
    • Image promotion management strategies / tag and version management
    • Image Building Servers