Agility training

Logo Specify and test by example

Specify and test by example

Acceptance Test Driven Development, BDD

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Tests and specifications

  • From abstraction to example
  • Lift the ambiguities of the specification

The quadrants of the agile tests

  • Technical tests to guide the development
  • Functional tests to validate the progression of the product
  • Technical and functional tests to investigate the product

Acceptance tests and agile practices

  • The involvement of Scrum roles in test practices
  • From no go to let's go

Identify the test cases

  • Implement rules of expressiveness on test cases
  • Explore the variation dimensions of a User Story
  • The acceptance tests workshop

Development guided by acceptance tests

  • The ATDD cycle
  • Cognitive biases and writing of test cases

Write the tests in BDD

  • The structure given when then strict
  • Build test cases from unambiguous descriptions
  • Antipatterns writing test case

Expression of test cases and domain vocabulary

  • Introduction to the ubiguitous language of DDD
  • Capitalize the recurring elements of the tests
  • Increase the expressiveness of the tests incrementally

Implement tests

  • Example of implementation with Cucumber
  • Introduction to exploratory tests