Architecture training

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  • Qu'est-ce que l'architecture logicielle ?
  • Le(s) rôles d'un architecte
  • L'impact du temps sur l'architecture

Strategic architecture

  • Mapping in IT
  • From the monolith to microservices, and everything in between

Tactical architecture

  • Web backend architectures (CRUD, 3 layers, hexagonal, streaming)
  • Reactive programming
  • Web frontend architectures (templating, static, SPA, SSR, SSG, Hybrid)
  • Mobile architectures (responsive, progressive, hybrid, cross-platform, native)

Languages and frameworks

  • Which solutions for which requirements?
  • Market and industry trends


  • The various types of tests
  • The test pyramid
  • TDD, ATDD, BDD...


  • The main types of storage solutions (relational, columnar, key-value, document-oriented, time series, graphs, file storage...)


  • The main communication patterns
  • The main types of exchanged data
  • Event-driven architectures
  • Implementation patterns

Logging and Monitoring

  • What to collect?
  • How to collect it?


  • The main cloud offers (on-premise, hosting, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS...)
  • Cloud-native architectures
  • 12-factor apps

Bonus and conclusion

  • Overview of DDD (Domain-Driven Design)
  • Overview of CQRS
  • Overview of event-sourcing
  • Reading list