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Rich application development with AngularJS

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A few reminders to get started

  • Javascript: prototypes, closures and callbacks
  • The Web / Javascript Developer Toolkit
  • What is a REST oriented architecture?

AngularJS: positioning and general principles

  • A rich ecosystem of specialized bookstores
  • JQuery, the Swiss knife of the web developer
  • Architecture and features of AngularJS

First steps: from the model to the application

  • Integration of the AngularJS library
  • Binding concept
  • Use of expressions

Controllers and Scopes

  • Association of a controller to a template
  • Notion of scope, and hierarchy of scopes
  • Propagation of binding events

Router: single-page, multi-view applications

  • Configuration of the routing, notion of deep-linking
  • Management of the browsing history and access to the parameters of the URL
  • Prepare the display of a view

Modules and services: a flexible architecture

  • Module concept, default module
  • Modularization of the application as services
  • Dependency injection: benefits and good practices

Forms management

  • Validation of the input fields
  • Form processing

Integration into a REST architecture

  • AJAX calls with $ http service
  • Consume REST resources with the $ resource service
  • Asynchronous update: notion of promise

Internationalization (I18N)

  • Activation of internationalization
  • Formatting dates, numbers and currencies


  • Establishment of an existing filter
  • Setting filter "filter"
  • Develop your own filter


  • Definition and API
  • Life cycle of a directive;
  • Manipulation of the scope in the directives
  • Collaboration with ngModelController
  • Transclusion
  • Toolbox: $ parse, $ compile, angular.element


  • Special features for single-page applications
  • Good practices and tools for authentication

Unit tests

  • Technology approach: Jasmine, KarmaJS
  • Unit tests with ngMock
  • End to end tests with Angular Scenario

Beyond AngularJS

  • Industrialization of development with Yeoman
  • Optimization of resources (javascript, images)
  • Simplify CSS styles with a preprocessor
  • Angular-UI and other modules